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Daria Sudnishnikova is a teen who is still in school. She and her boyfriend, 10, are expecting a child. Following this news, this Russian schoolgirl’s social media following skyrocketed.

Sudnishnikova (source: Latestly Hunt)

Daria Sudnishnikova is thirteen months pregnant.

Daria Sudnishnikova, a Russian schoolgirl, revealed to the world that she is pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, an elderly ten-year-old in fourth grade.

Following this revelation, her social media following has skyrocketed, to the point where she is now looking for sponsors. She has now become a web social media influencer.

Daria Sudnishnikova’s life and times

Daria is from Zheleznogorsk, a Siberian city. She is currently in 7th grade and is still reading in school. Her boyfriend is only ten years old and is in the fourth grade. He is the father of an unborn child.

Daria was thirteen when she became pregnant, and she recently turned fourteen. After news of her adolescent pregnancy made headlines around the world, she resolved to use her newfound celebrity to gain social media followers and money.

Elena, Daria’s mother, has terminal cancer. She is, however, supportive of her daughter and her pregnancy. She has made the decision to fight the deadly disease and be present for Daria’s pregnancy. Elena recalled how they found out about her pregnancy:

“At first, we thought she had food poisoning, but as time passed, we realized that whatever was going on had nothing to do with her stomach. We then sold a pregnancy test, which came back positive.”

Elena had no intention of having an abortion performed on her pregnant daughter because she was afraid that if she did, she would never be able to conceive again. She continued, saying:

“I now have a reason to live.”

Concerning Daria’s social media platforms

Daria is quickly growing her social media following. She uploads photos of her pregnant kingdom as well as video clips here. Daria tags it with the hashtag ‘pregnant at 13’.

She is ready to earn money from her growing online following, which has already earned her the title of social media influencer. She is looking for sponsors and well-known brand owners who will allow her to earn money by advertising on her social media.

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Daria Sudnishnikova
Daria Sudnishnikova (source: National File)


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