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Dashiell Connery is an American actress. He is known for his excellent work in acting and dialogue. Debuted in 2009, he is best known for his TV movie, “The Rookie.”

Connery is a famous and adored child of fame. He’s the son of Mia Sara and Jason Connery. Jason is a British actor and director, while Sara is an American actress.

Dashiell is a famous grandchild, too. He’s the only grandson of Sean Connery and Diane Cilento. Both are renowned performers, but Sean is more famous than James Bond. Unfortunately, he died in sleep on 31 October 2020.

10 things about the Dashiell Connery

  1. Dashiell Connery is an American actress. He is now a famous member of the family of actors.
  2. The man’s Wikipedia is not found, but his name is seen on IMDb. Any of his bio information can also be found online.
  3. As for the race, Connery is an American. He was born and brought up in California, USA.
  4. Moving forward, Dashiell was born in June 1997. As far as arithmetic is concerned, he is 23 years old and has a zodiac sign of Gemini.
  5. Connery is a really good looking guy. He’s got a quirky personality and a good body. In comparison, it is 5 foot 11 inches long.
  6. The actor is single, concentrated on his career. Let’s hope he’ll eventually meet a loving and caring woman.
  7. His parents are Jason Connery and Mia Sara. They were married in 1996 but divorced in 2002. Even, both of them love Dashiell very much.
  8. Connery is the son-in-law of prominent celebrities. His ancestors are Sean Connery, Diane Cilento, Diana Sara, and Jerome Sara.
  9. Dashiell appeared in the world of broadcasting in 2009. As of now, he is well-known and has already achieved popularity.
  10. The actor is present on Instagram. By now, 14.1 K followers have been amassed.

Facts of Dashiell Connery

Name Dashiell Connery
Birthday June of 1997
Age 23 years old
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Parents Jason Connery and Mia Sara
Siblings Amelia Jane Henson(half-sister)
Married/Single Single
Instagram @tharealjamesbud


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