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Desiree Washington is an American television personality who rose to prominence after she was raped by famed boxer Mike Tyson. When Tyson assaulted Washington, she was an 18-year-old Miss Black Rhode Island. Tyson, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, was later found guilty of rape and sentenced to six years in prison. Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson, a 1993 documentary, and Tyson, a 2008 documentary film, both included Washington’s story. Mike Tyson: The Knockout, a documentary series that premiered in 2021, included her story. Desiree Washington’s life narrative is detailed in this article.

What is the Net Worth of Desiree Washington in 2021?

Desiree Washington’s net worth is projected to be $50,000 as of 2021. After the trial, rumors began to circulate that Tyson had to pay upwards of $200,000 to settle the matter. However, it is unknown how much Tyson paid in damages to Desiree Washington as a result of the litigation.

Where is Desiree Washington From?

Desiree Washington was born on this day in the year 1973. She was born in the United States, in the town of Coventry, Rhode Island. She was a citizen of the United States. Donald Washington was her father, and Mary Belle Silva Washington was her mother. Don Jr., her older brother, and Dorrae, her younger sister, are her siblings.

Her educational background includes a Coventry High School diploma. She went to Providence College after high school. Miss Black Rhode Island was her name. In 1991, she competed in the Miss Black America pageant.

Desiree Washington won the 1991 Miss Black Rhode Island. (Source: UGC)

Desiree Washington’s Career:

When she won Miss Black Rhode Island in 1991, her dream of becoming a model was beginning to take shape. As a result, when she was 18 years old, she decided to compete in the Miss Black America pageant. She meets Mike Tyson around this time, and the two appear together in a video in which Tyson sings a rap song.

Tyson had asked Washington out and had given him his hotel room phone number. Tyson was drunk when she arrived in his hotel room, according to Washington, and had requested to get intimate with her. Tyson became forceful after she declined, and her resistance led to her being pushed by Tyson.

Washington had first told her roommate about the incident and would subsequently go to court. She was checked at Methodist Hospital within 24 hours, and it was determined that she had been raped due to a tiny abrasion on her inner vaginal wall. With all of the media focused their attention on this occurrence, it would soon become public.

Tyson, on the other hand, continues to deny that he raped Washington, claiming that they did have intercourse, but it was entirely voluntary. Tyson would be apprehended and sentenced to ten years in jail, with the first four years suspended. Tyson would eventually serve three years in prison for the incident.

Personal Life:

Washinton’s personal life was severely impacted by the tragedy, since her parents eventually divorced. Her siblings also had a difficult time at school because the incident was brought up to ridicule the family members. As a result, Desiree Washington has remained out of the spotlight since the tragedy and has kept much of her personal life private.

Desiree Washington Rape Case:

Mike Tyson raped Desiree Washington in 1991. On July 19, 1991, she was raped in a hotel room in Indianapolis. At the time, Washington was 18 years old. She was invited to Tyson’s hotel room, which was the scene of the event. Washington went to the local emergency department the next day to report that she had been raped. Tyson was arrested in July, and his rape trial ran from January 26 to February 10, 1992, in Marion County Superior Court. Washington’s state of astonishment following the occurrence was corroborated by Tyson’s chauffeur. Washington’s physical condition was compatible with rape, according to the physician who evaluated him. Tyson, on the other hand, maintained that everything had happened with Washington’s full agreement and that he had not pushed himself on her.

On the 10th of February 1992, Tyson was found guilty of rape. After over ten hours of deliberation, the jury returned a guilty verdict. Tyson’s lawyers filed an appeal, arguing that the Court erred by excluding evidence of the victim’s previous sexual activity (known as the Rape Shield Law), excluding three possible defense witnesses, and failing to educate the jury on an honest and reasonable mistake of fact. Tyson was found guilty by a 2-1 majority of the Indiana Court of Appeals. The Indiana Supreme Court upheld the decision of the lower court.

On March 26, 1992, Tyson was sentenced to six years in jail and one year on probation. In April 1992, he was transferred to the Indiana Youth Center (now the Plainfield Correctional Facility). Tyson was released from prison in March of 1995. Under federal law, he must also register as a sex offender.

Washington met down with Barbara Walters after Tyson’s conviction and explained her side of the tale. “I went from being such an outgoing person to just being so reclusive — I was chosen friendliest in high school — that I just sat in my room and in the corner of my bed, and I just couldn’t move for the longest time, I couldn’t believe it,” she explained.

Where is Desiree Washington Now?

She suffered from mental breakdowns for the rest of her life after the tragedy. In her senior years, Washington kept a secluded existence. It’s unclear where she is right now or what she’s been up to. It’s unclear whether she’s married or not because she’s kept a low profile since the incident.

Did You Know?

  • She claimed she was given $1 million if she would drop the rape charges against Tyson.
  • The public held her responsible for the incident, accusing her of putting herself in risk because of Tyson’s violent past.
  • Her parents split after Washington’s rape cape.
  • She planned to become an attorney or a politician before the sexual event.
  • Quick Facts About Desiree Washington
Celebrated Name Desiree Washington
Age 48 Years
Nick Name Desiree
Birth Name Desiree Washington
Birth Date 1973
Gender Female
Profession Former Beauty Pageant Titleholder
Place Of Birth Coventry, Rhode Island
Birth Nation United States
Nationality American
Famous For Rape Victim of Mike Tyson
Father Donald Washington
Mother Mary Belle Silva Washington
Siblings 2
Brothers Don Jr.
Sisters Dorrae
High School Coventry High School
College / University Providence College
Ethnicity African-American
Religion Christianity


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