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Giorgos Kyrgios is most known for his son Nick Kyrgios, a professional tennis player from Au-stralia. Giorgos is a Greek house painter.

What is the Net Worth of Giorgos Kyrgios ?

Giorgos Kyrgios net worth has not been revealed. His kid, on the other hand, has been able to make a good living from his profession. Despite being at the center of a lot of controversy in the tennis world and paying a lot of money in fines for his misbehavior, no one can deny that he is a clever player with the ability to win Grand Slams. According to ATP, he is rated 42nd in the world in men’s singles and the second-highest ranked Australian as of September 2020. Giorgos believes that his son has a bright future ahead of him and that he has a strong support system in place to help him stay on track. His net worth is as follows:

Year Net Worth 
2019-2020 $ 8 million 
2020-2021 Around $10 million 


Nick Kyrgios is a complex figure who is both entertaining and enraged as a young athlete

Giorgos Kyrgios’s son, Nick Kyrgios. (

Nick Kyrgios, a six-time ATP champion, is one of the most charismatic sports personalities whose matches are always exciting to watch. The man with the incredibly unique and intriguing hitting style is also admired for his honesty, as he always speaks his mind. His hysterical antics and punchline made the entire crowd laugh out loud. He has an angry side in addition to his funny sides.

Also He is frequently in the news for breaking the rules of the court, for which he has been fined and suspended by ATP. Giorgos Kyrgios has been spotted stomping on rockets, chairs, hurling bottles, cursing, and even spitting. He admitted that he tried to purposely hit Rafael Nadal, the 19-time Grand Slam champion, with a ball in his chest during Wimbledon.

Marriage between people of different cultures

Giorgos Kyrgios with his wife, Norlaila. Source:
Giorgos Kyrgios with his wife, Norlaila. (Source:

Giorgos’ marriage is a cross-cultural union. He married Norlaila, a Gombak, Selangor native, who was born in Greece. Norlaila left Malaysia in her twenties to work as a computer engineer in Australia. They are a happy married pair despite their cultural differences.


Their wedding date and location have yet to be determined.

His wife comes Norlaila comes from a Royal background

The Sultan of Pahang, as the rulers of the former Pahang Sultanate were known, was Norlaila’s grandfather’s cousin. She becomes the Tengku of Pahang as a result of this relationship. They have a special affinity and can be seen together practically everywhere, despite coming from two distinct backgrounds.

The couple has three children together

Giorgos and Norlaila have a total of three children. Nick is the youngest of the couple’s three children. Nick was born on April 27, 1995, making him 25 years old. Their offspring have taken a different career path and have achieved success in that industry. Christos, the other son, is a lawyer, while Halimah, the daughter, is an actress, model, and dancer. The three siblings have a wonderful relationship. They may be seen cheering on their brother Nick in practically every game. Dustin Brown, a Jamaican-German professional tennis player, is Halimah’s boyfriend.

Facts of Giorgos Kyrgios

Full Name Giorgos Kyrgios
First Name Giorgos
Last Name Kyrgios
Profession house painter
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Norlaila Kyrgios
No Of Children 3



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