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Jarius Robertson is a well-known teenage New Orleans Saints fan who stole the show during a 2017 NBA game. Since then, the now-18-year-old has gotten a lot of media attention and has a good relationship with a lot of sports figures, including WWE wrestlers, football players, and, of course, basketball players. Despite the widespread publicity, there is still a lot that fans don’t know about this superfan turned celebrity, which we will attempt to address here.

What is the Net Worth of Jarrius Robertson?

Jarrius Robertson is well-known, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online resources. At the age of 17, Jarrius Robertson has a net worth of $97 million. Jarrius Robertson, a professional, earned the money. He was born and raised in Los Angeles.

Growing Up With Health Issues

Jarrius, who was born on March 26th, 2002, was born with biliary atresia, a chronic liver ailment that has hampered his physical growth. Jarrius underwent a liver transplant at the infant age of one, which helped him but also required him to visit the hospital on a daily basis. He has undergone around 13 surgeries since then, and his condition was so terrible at one point that he had to spend a year in a coma.

Jarrius’ upbringing was not one that many people would wish for anyone, and it was especially traumatic for his parents, Jordy and Patricia Robertson, as well as his younger brother, Tiy Qian Robertson. And while things were difficult for the family at first, everything changed dramatically after an interaction with members of the New Orleans Saints.

Getting Started With Media Coverage

Jarrius Robertson was almost unknown to sports fans until December 2015, when members of the New Orleans Saints paid a surprise visit to the Ochsner Hospital for Children, where Darrius was being treated. They not only met this young superfan, but they received more than they bargained for when he began giving the players advice. The hospital subsequently shared a video of the incident on Facebook.

Jarrius got a surprise visit from the Saints. (Source: Ochsner Hospital Facebook)

Jarrius got friends with the Saints and even began creating movies with them on occasion. Jarrius had grown so close to the Saints following their beneficial encounter that he was offered a contract to be the team’s social media reporter for the game in October of 2016, making him an Honorary Saint. He had gained a lot of media attention since then, but the big moment came in February of 2017 when he stole the show in an NBA game by scoring against guys who were worlds ahead of him.

Awards and Achivements

Jarrius received the Tenacity Honour, an award given to deserving people of the sports world who have earned a reputation for themselves by their drive and perseverance, shortly after stealing the show in July of 2017. He then began to appear in sports media and was asked to participate in numerous interviews. Jarrius then got another honor in 2018, the WWE Hall of Fame 2018 Warrior Award, in front of a crowd that included WWE superstars Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, John Cena, and The Miz.

Jarrius Robertson WWE Hall of Fame 2018
Jarrius Robertson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018. (Source: jarrius’s Instagram)

His comments and jokes at all of the events he has attended appear to have made everyone grin, and he has, of course, become a beloved part of the sports family.   However, because he still has time to choose a career route, the future remains undetermined.

His Father’s Crime’

Jarrius Robertson’s father set up a fundraising page called It Takes Lives To Save Lives when Jarrius was just starting to garner some media attention, and individuals rapidly chipped in, donating as much as $150K in total. His mother merely had suspicions at the time, but was convinced to remain silent by her friends.

Jarrius’ father pleaded guilty in court, but Jarrius was declared innocent because he was unaware of the situation. Jarrius later stated that he loves his father, but he also recognizes that decent people have been harmed. Despite his defeat, it appears that J.J. will continue to be liked and adored by the sports family.

Relationships And Lifestyle

Jarrius appears to be in the best health he’s ever had and spending time with his friends and family at the present. Jarius is more active on Instagram, then Twitter, where he posts a lot of videos to cheer up his followers. But he also makes time for his family, whom he likes and loves.

Darius has yet to meet a girl to call his own, despite having a good bond with his family. There hasn’t been a girl who could be Jarrius Robertson’s girlfriend yet, but supporters hope he does soon so he can share her with the rest of the globe.

Facts About Jarrius Robertson

  1. Jarrius Robertson’s age 17 years old.
  2. Birthday March 26, 2002.
  3. Birth Sign Aries.
  4. He started an organ donation foundation called It Takes Lives to Save Lives.

Quick Facts

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Jarrius Robertson
Birth Day 03/26/2002
Birth place New Orleans, Louisiana
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Parents Jordy Robertson, Patricia Hoyal
Sibling Tiy Qian Robertson
Height 4 feet
Weight 52 lbs
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black


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