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John Brzenk is widely considered to be one of the finest arm wrestlers of all time. He has also served as an inspiration to a number of other arm wrestlers. In addition, John has competed in several leagues across the United States. During the Arm Wars and the Arm-wrestling league, he made some of his most renowned appearances. He’s also a former UAL Right-Handed Champion and former Arm Wars Light-Heavyweight Champion (left-right) (Heavyweight Division). More information on the player may be found in this article. So, let’s take a closer look at John’s early life, work, height, and other details.

What is the Net Worth of John Brzenk?

During his time as a professional arm wrestler, John amassed a sizable wealth. Furthermore, his principal source of income was from arm-wrestling tournaments held around the world.


John also competed for the highest price of $80,000 at times during his career.

How was John Brzenk Early life?

John, the Giant Crusher, was born in the United States on July 15, 1964, in McHenry, Illinois. His father, like John, was a professional arm wrestler. The former athlete claims that his father, Brzenk Sr., gave him his forearm size through heredity. As a result, it is fair to say that John became interested in sports as a result of his father’s influence. Because of his lifestyle, little is known about his mother and other family members. As a result, there is a scarcity of information on his early life and education.

However, it is known that John Brzenk began arm wrestling wrestlers in eighth grade. He also spent more than five years arm-wrestling with his friends. In addition, when he was in eighth school, he fractured his arm arm wrestling with a friend of his father. Despite this, he continued to compete, and at the age of 16, he competed in his first tournament. He also got the moniker “Giant Crusher” for his remarkable ability to outmuscle opponents twice his size.

John Brzenk’s Record and Career

It was rare to watch a young boy beat up on someone much bigger than himself. The crowd, on the other hand, had no idea that John would go down in history. In addition, after competing in minor competitions, John Brzenk won his first world title on ABC’s Wide World of Sports in 1982. Furthermore, he was only 18 years old at the time. In arm wrestling, his 16-inch right forearm and 13.5-inch left forearm were renowned. Furthermore, his heaviest opponent weighed roughly 660 pounds. He won this match as well because there were no opponents his arms couldn’t pin.

Furthermore, in his whole career, John has only lost one super-match. Only a few humans have succeeded in defeating the colossus. Furthermore, some of the most glaring defeats came against Alexey Voyevoda and Devon Larratt. In addition to arm wrestling, John Brzenk now works for Delta Air Lines as a technician. According to John, the job does not necessitate brute strength, therefore he gets plenty of rest.

The Iron Fist is a fictional character.

After his tremendous victories over formidable opponents, John Brzenk earned the nickname “The Iron Fist.” In addition, he continued to advance when he won the Middleweight World Championship in 1995. Furthermore, John landed a cameo in Sylvester Stallone’s film Over the Top as a result of his legendary status. He was not, however, given credit for his role in the picture. Furthermore, by the early 2000s, John Brzenk had become a household name. However, due to his advanced age, the colossal athlete was also considering retirement. With each passing year, his arm endurance and strength deteriorated. As a result, a slew of competitors from around the world began to close in on him.

John Brzenk on the set of “Over the Top” with Sylvester Stallone.

“Pulling John” is a fictional character.

A documentary on John’s life and accomplishments was released in 2009. “Pulling John” is a documentary directed by Sevan Matossian and Vassiliki Khonsar. In addition, the respective documentary provided an in-depth look into the 2009 Zloty Tur Cup in Warsaw. Furthermore, the film was about more than just physical power; it was also about mental conflicts. Furthermore, it provided viewers with insight into what goes on in John Brzenk’s thoughts and properly portrayed John’s personality and qualities.

The documentary titled “Pulling John.”

John was a humble man despite dominating arm-wrestling sports for 25 years. Arm wrestlers were known to be arrogant and boastful due to their pride in their sheer power. John Brzenk, on the other hand, did not agree with any of it. He was a soft-spoken athlete with a humble demeanor. It was also one of the numerous reasons why he was admired by admirers all around the world.

A legacy that was left behind

Despite losing to Alexey Voyevoda, John’s legacy was etched in history books. In the 2004 event in Warsaw, the World champion was defeated by Russian arm wrestlers. Brzenk’s loss against Alexey also put a stop to his 25-year winning streak. In a rematch the next year, John avenged his defeat. Even at the age of 55, the famous John Brzenk continued to arm wrestle. According to, John also won the middleweight belts in 2017, 2016, and 2015. In addition, in 2015, he was named Wal’s 196-225lb Champion (Right Hand). However, owing of his injuries, John was unable to defend his championship in 2016. In addition, John Brzenk is thought to have won around 500 trophies in his career.

Retirement and other occupations

Because of his age and the damage he sustained, John Brzenk is currently unofficially retired. He was also named as one of the co-hosts of the YouTube program “Pound for Pound Arm Wrestling.” Ryan Bowen, the company’s creator, was also present. During the podcast, John was also participating in predictions and reviews. In addition, he provided his audience and fans with general information about sports and himself.

John Brzenk  Grandchildren, Children, and Marriage

John is well-known for his preferential treatment of his personal life. As a result, he has kept his personal and family life out of the public eye. Nonetheless, Renne Brzenk, the amazing athlete’s wife, is well-known. In addition, the couple has two children, Kelli and Megan.

John Brzenk with his wife and two daughters.

In addition, he is the proud grandfather of a granddaughter and a grandson. Megan, John’s eldest daughter, married Stephen and gave birth to their son Lincon. In addition, his younger daughter Kelli married Jade Gray. The couple is now the proud parents of a girl.

What is the Body Measurements of John Brzenk

In the sport of arm wrestling, the colossal athlete is a legend. He currently stands at a towering 6 feet 2 inches tall. He also weighs roughly 103 kilograms. Moreover, despite his advanced age, John maintains his physical fitness through an aggressive training routine and a tight diet. As a result, many competitors dreaded him. It was also one of the causes for his incredible strength and endurance.

John Brzenk is a superstar.

When he was at his peak, John Brzenk was a global superstar. Arm wrestling sports were not popular in the United States at the time. The sport received worldwide prominence after the film “Over the Top,” starring Sylvester Stallone. It was also backed by the governments of India and Russia. Furthermore, the majority of John’s events took held in other Soviet republics. In addition, he became a big icon in Russia, with acts dedicated to him.

“What is the Best Arm Wrestling Strategy?” Is it all biceps or something?”

The grip handle and pulldown cable machine, according to the arm wrestling champion, are the most effective for outcomes.He also demonstrates his arm wrestling technique. According to John,

“Lean forward with your dominant foot and try to bend your opponent’s wrist away from yours.” Pull his hand toward you as you press down, as if you were curling weight.”

The Internet and Social Media

On social media networks like Instagram, the arm-wrestling legend has a sizable fan base. He has over 23k followers on the platform under the moniker @Jrbrenk. However, unlike his Instagram account, John does not have a large Twitter following. It’s possible that he prefers other social media platforms, such as Instagram.

Quick Facts

Name John Brzenk
Nickname Giant Crusher, The Perfect Storm
Birthdate July 15, 1964
Age 57 years old
Birthplace McHenry, Illinois, United States
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Cancer
Parents Brzenk Sr (Father)
Body type Athletic
Height 1.85 m/6 feet
Weight 102 kg/225 lb
Eye color Light Grey
Hair color Light Brown
Skin Fair
Profession Arm wrestler
Career span 35 years
Undefeated Streak 25 years
First world title ABC’s 1982 Wide World of Sports
Streak break Against Alexey Voyevoda (2004, Warsaw)
Movie cameo Over the Top
Professional status Retired
Rivalries Travis Bagent
Denis Cyplenkov
Devon Larratt
Tartas Ivakin
Technique Top Roll
Bicep Size 44 cm
Forearm Size 15.5 inches (39.5 cm)
Relationship status Married
Wife Renne Brzenk
Children Kelli and Megan
Social Media Instagram
Net Worth $5 million
Merch Pulling John
Last Update March, 2022

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