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A woman is tested throughout her life. In all honesty, a woman’s identity is defined not only by her beauty, but also by her strength and capacity to overcome obstacles. Kayce Smith is one such woman who not only established herself as a prominent sportscaster but also earned the title of survivor after overcoming melanoma cancer miraculously.

Indeed, life is stressful in general, and when cancer is added to the mix, it becomes a living hell. Smith, on the other hand, was not one to succumb to adversity. Throughout her medical treatment, she remained resilient and fought one of the most difficult battles she had ever faced.

Eventually, the American resumed her broadcasting duties as if it were any other day, becoming a role model and inspiration to young men and women facing nearly identical, if not identical, challenges.

Today, we delve a little deeper into Kayce Smith’s life and her incredible journey as a host. Similarly, we will discuss her childhood, education, career, net worth, and marital status.

What is Kayce Smith Net Worth, Earnings & Salary?

  • For instance, Kayce amassed a staggering $2 million net worth over the course of a decade as a sideline reporter, host, and sportscaster. While her salary is still unknown, it is presumed to be in the five-figure range.

Caption: Kayce Smith talking selfie inside her car (Photo: Pinterest)

  • Additionally, online sources indicate that a sportscaster typically earns between $50k and $55k per year. Similarly, wages can increase to $84k depending on the level of one’s job.
  • Simultaneously, we believe there is a wage disparity between men and women not only in broadcasting, but also in other professions. Hopefully, in the near future, talented women like Kayce will earn significantly more money.

Kayce Smith’s Wiki-Biography | Childhood, Parents, and Education

  • Kayce Smith was born in Texas on October 25, 1988. (U.S.). Additionally, she was born to Ron Smith, a proud father, and an unidentified mother. Similarly, Kayce is Ally Elaine Smith’s older sister.Additionally, she is an American citizen by birth and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.
  • Additionally, according to astrological charts, Smith is a Scorpio. In accordance with the horoscope, the sportscaster exudes determination, ambition, and a desire for secrecy.
  • As such, much of her early life is a mystery due to the Scorpio’s secretive nature. Kayce did, however, attend Texas A&M University and earn a bachelor’s degree in communication.
  • Additionally, the Texan was an avid sports fan, and her passion for the sport collided with her pursuit of a journalism career. Being a broadcaster and a sports enthusiast appears to have become a natural fit.

Kayce Smith’s Age, Height, and Body Dimensions

  • Smith is 33 years old at the time of writing and savors every moment of life with family and friends. As it turns out, the Texan’s birthday occurs just before Halloween.
  • Similarly, we’d like to add that Kayce is a ferocious worker, never boring, always seizing the moment and asking all pertinent questions. Additionally, her delivery abilities and ability to address critical points are remarkable.
  • Indeed, Smith is one of the most enticing sportscasters of the modern era.
  • With a confident voice, flawless charm, and an enticing camera presence, it simply draws viewers to the screen and forces them to have the patience to listen to what the Texan has to say.
  • Additionally, Kayce is a stunning woman blessed with a gifted gene, standing at a height of 5’7″ (1.77 m) and possessing an alluring body figure. Clearly, as a devoted reporter, the Texan is also health conscious.
  • Similarly, being in front of the camera can be quite intimidating and demanding, and to be honest, her charms are a side effect of her technical abilities.
  • Kayce’s most distinguishing features include grey eyes, wavy blonde hair, a slim body frame, and a pointed nose.
  • Smith was hired as a radio host by TexAgs.com shortly after graduating from college in 2012. With two years of hosting experience under her belt, the Texan joined Fox Sports as a sideline reporter.
  • Although her tenure at Fox Sports was brief, the experiences she gained were invaluable.
  • Kayce’s departure from Fox Sports is still unknown. On the other hand, ESPN quickly offered her a position, which would catapult Smith’s career to new heights.

Profession of Kayce Smith:

  • Similarly, two years and two long months later, the Texan assembled a creative team to launch The Kayce Smith Show. Partnerships with Nation National Radio and Gridiron Now were formed for the show.
  • Despite its success, the show was abruptly canceled after only six months on the air. Additionally, Smith took on the role of a host for NBC Sports Boston for a one-year period beginning in March 2018.
  • Nonetheless, after working for multiple networks and showcasing her abilities across multiple platforms, it was about time the Texan embarked on another adventure with Barstool Sports.
  • The sportscaster is still employed by Dave Portnoy’s network.

Personal Life of Kayce Smith | Spouse and Children.

  • To begin, fans and general viewers maintained an interest in Smith’s hips and personal life. By and large, the subject that everyone brought up was her dating life.
  • We have some exciting news for you; Kayce is currently dating Nathan Sebesta.
  • It was only a matter of time before a courageous man summoned the fortitude to ask the Texan sportscaster out on a date.
  • Similarly, Nathan defeated several men to obtain the key to Kayce’s heart. I wish the pair-up couple the best of luck in tying the knot.
  • Apart from her beau’s name, we have no information about Sebesta’s occupation or any other details.
  • Nonetheless, several public appearances and Smith’s Instagram revealed that the couple is deeply in love and is simply enjoying each other’s company for the time being.

Combating Cancer

  • It may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with Kayce, but those who have followed her for a long period of time are aware of her darkest period. To illustrate, on her 25th birthday, she received terrible news.
  • The sportscaster, it turns out, was suffering from Stage 1 melanoma. It is a type of cancer that develops from melanocytes, pigment-producing cells. Indeed, her parents and other family members were devastated by the news.
  • Kayce, on the other hand, maintained a glimmer of hope and remained optimistic throughout the trying period. Additionally, she discovered the cancer through the eagle eye of a fan. It was game day for her alma mater, Texas A&M.
  • Unfortunately, the Texas team suffered a crushing defeat, and Smith lost her composure and was so enraged that she ripped the sleeves off her jacket.
  • Although few expected to see it, one fan in particular noticed a white spot on her back.
  • After becoming concerned, Kayce sought a diagnosis, which revealed she had cancer. Following that, the sportscaster underwent extensive treatment, and with proper care and treatment, she has been a proud cancer survivor for several years.

Presence on Social Media of Kayce Smith:

  • 436k followers on Instagram
  • 241.8k followers on Twitter

Several frequently asked questions

Who was Kayce’s previous boyfriend?

Kayce was previously accused of dating Pastor Carl Lentz. Kayce made her Instagram account private following the media coverage.

Previously, the pastor collaborated with Barstool Sports and appeared on a podcast episode in 2017.

Where did Kayce earn her high school diploma?

There is no information available about Kayce high school. She did, however, complete her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University.

Kayce Smith was diagnosed with which type of cancer?

Kayce Smith was diagnosed with Stage I melanoma.

Why was the Fairbanks Police Department looking for Kayce Smith?

Kayce Smith, a 37-year-old woman, was reported missing on January 9, 2021, and the Fairbank Police Department was tasked with locating her. However, she is not the Kayce Smith about whom this article is writing.

Kayce Smith Quick Facts

Full Name Kayce Smith
Birth Date October 25, 1988
Birth Place United States of America
Nick Name Kayce
Religion Undefined
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Texas A&M University
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name Ron Smith
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings Yes (Ally Elaine Smith)
Age 33 years old
Height 5’9″ (1.77 m)
Weight Unavailable
Shoe Size Unknown
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Body Measurement Unknown
Figure Curvy
Married No
Boyfriend Nathan Sebesta
Children No
Profession Sports Broadcaster and Host
Net Worth $2 million
Salary $50,000
Currently Works At Barstool Sports
Affiliations NBC, ESPN
Active Since 2012
Social Media InstagramTwitter
Last Update 2021

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