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Who is Laurence Dobiesz, and what is his background? Despite the fact that many people are unaware of it, Dobiesz comes from the entertainment sector. He is a television actor who is of Polish and English descent. Dobiesz has been making regular appearances in the entertainment industry since 2009. However, he does have a brief prior background; in fact, he was a part of two films in 1999, one of which was a comedy. Until recently, he appeared as a supporting character in a number of films and television series. Outlander is considered to be one of his best works. During the drama series, he portrayed the part of Alex Randall, and many people praised him for his performance in it. He also garnered a great deal of attention for his marriage to the stunning actress Olivia Poulet, which took place in addition to his career. In this post, we’ll discover more about Laurence Dobiesz and his work.

What is the Net worth of Laurence Dobiesz?

Before we tell you anything further about Laurence Dobiesz, we should point out that he is a man who cherishes his privacy, which is why not much is known about him at this time.

Because Dobiesz chooses to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, it is impossible to determine what his financial situation is. No one in the media is aware of how much he earned from his acting career because there is no official document that can be used to verify his actual earnings.

The English actor Dobiesz lives in luxury. (Photo Source: Pinterest)

Numerous credible websites have reported that Dobiesz has amassed a substantial net worth of $2 million as a result of his involvement in various ventures, against the odds. He is, in fact, a multimillionaire.

If we’re talking about Dobiesz’s spouse’s wages, Olivia Poulet has surpassed him in that department. She’s been working in this profession for more than two decades, and her decades of hard work have resulted in a large net worth of $15 million.

Laurence Dobiesz is Married to Olivia Poulet:

Laurence Dobiesz is married to Olivia Poulet, a British model and actress. A year after their wedding, they are enjoying a wonderful life together as a married couple in California.

Dobiesz and Poulet, a charming couple who have been together since 2012, began their romantic journey in 2012.

When it comes to Dobiesz’s previous relationships, nothing has come through the media door; nevertheless, his better-half is currently dating actor Benedict Cumberbatch, which contrasts with Dobiesz’s situation. Olivia and Benedict had been dating since 1999, but their romance came to an abrupt end in 2011.

Laurence Dobiesz is the young husband of the English actress Olivia Poulet. (Photo Source: NZ Herald)

Dobiesz’s Work History as an Actor:

As previously said, Laurence Dobiesz’s first debut on the big screen occurred in the year 1999. In the same year, he appeared in the film Great Expectations, where he played Herbert Pocket as a young man. Following that, he was cast in a second role as Luke Grimes in the film All the King’s Men, which was released the following year.

After a ten-year absence from the entertainment industry, Dobiesz returned. As a guest star in the crime drama The Bill, in which he played the role of Pawel Jankowski, a gang leader, he gained widespread recognition. Since then, he has portrayed a variety of characters in a variety of projects.

Dobiesz was cast as a servant in the 2011 film Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, in which he also appeared. Similar to this, he was cast in the 2014 film Testament of Youth, in which he played a wounded German soldier, and has appeared in several other films as well. In addition, he starred as Prince Harry in the 2015 play Distinguished Ladies as Prince Harry.

Dobiesz gained widespread popularity in 2016 when he appeared as a guest star on the television series Outlander. According to TV Over Mind, he appeared in the second season of that television show as Alexander “Alex” Randall, the brother of Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall.

Facts of Laurence Dobiesz

Full Name Laurence Dobiesz
Nationality British
Date of Birth 1985//
Birth Country British
Birth Place London, United Kingdom


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