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If you are a die-hard football fan, you have undoubtedly heard the name Lane Kiffin. Why wouldn’t you? He is one of the most well-known sports figures in the United States.

Most likely, as a result of his celebrity, his ex-wife, Layla Kiffin, also became an internet sensation. Layla quickly gained media attention after their relationship was revealed, and with it came her personal information. However, all of this changed when the couple divorced in 2016.

Thus, the real question that has been lingering is her current state of health. For instance, where is she? How is she faring?

Layla Kiffin’s Net Worth and Income: How much money does she earn in a year?

Layla Kiffin is unemployed and does not have a job that indicates her annual income. Given that the majority of her fame stems from her husband’s influence, there is little more to say about her.

However, it appears as though she has increased her wealth by $250,000. Yes, Kiffin’s net worth is currently estimated to be $250,000. Additionally, it is mentioned that Layla and her three children live in a $10,000-per-month rented house on Manhattan Beach.

 Age and Body Measurement

Layla Kiffin, Lane Kiffin’s former wife, was born in 1974, making her 46 years old as of now. On January 3, she turned 46 years old. Additionally, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. Similarly, those born under this sign are known to be aspirational, organized, and goal-oriented.

Apart from her personality and endearing demeanor, Layla is a well-liked lady. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall and weighs approximately 62 kilograms. Despite her age, Kiffin maintains a slim physique, which she attributes to proper diet and exercise. Additionally, Layla has long blonde hair and a gorgeous pair of blue eyes.

Childhood and Siblings

Layla Kiffin is best known as the wife of a famous football player, Lane Kiffin. She was born in the United States of America, in the city of Florida.

She is the daughter of former football player John Reaves. Similarly, Kiffin’s father played in the NFL for 11 seasons. Lane spent his prime years with the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Concerning her mother, details are being withheld.

Her mother divorced her father, and he raised the three children alone. Similarly, young Kiffin grew up alongside her two brothers, Stephen and David Reaves. Apart from their names, their current location is unknown. Putting that aside, Layla is a naturalized American citizen of white ethnic origin.

Education and Early Career of Layla Kiffin

  • Layla spent the majority of her childhood in Florida, where she was born and raised. Buchholz High School was where she completed her early education. Kiffin, who comes from a sports-loving family, was also heavily involved in sports during her youth.
  • She enrolled in the University of Florida following her high school graduation and earned her degree in 1996.
  • In terms of her career, the well-known social media personality has made no mention of it.
  • Apart from being a social media personality as a result of her husband’s celebrity, little information about Layla’s profession or job is available.
  • Additionally, she remained completely silent following her divorce from Lane. It is stated that Kiffin received more than 34.5 percent of her husband’s earnings following the divorce.

Who is the husband of Layla Kiffin? Why did they decide to divorce? – Family and Personal Life

  • There is no doubt about how Kiffin achieved fame and began her career in social media. As we all know, Layla was married to Lane Kiffin, a former football player who is now a coach.
  • Looking back on their relationship, the two first met in 1999 and fell in love immediately. Following that, they continued to meet and see one another, further cementing their relationships.
Layla Kiffin with her ex-husband
  • After a year of dating, the two married in a stunning wedding ceremony in 2000.
  • Their wedding was both public and private; it was attended by their closest friends and families, but it was widely publicized.
  • Lane worked as a graduate assistant at Colorado State during this time period. Lane Monte Kiffin, the star’s husband, was born on May 9, 1975.
  • The young star gradually ascended to the position of offensive coordinator at the University of Alabama, in addition to his duties with the USC Trojans football team.
  • Lane also served as head coach of the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Oakland Raiders. However, the famous football player is currently serving as the head coach of Florida Atlantic University.
  • Despite her husband’s hectic schedule and frequent travel, Layla was always by his side. Rather than basking in her celebrity and becoming absorbed in it, Kiffin was the type to follow in the footsteps of her husband.
  • Additionally, the two had three children as a result of their relationship. In 2005, Layla gave birth to Landry, their eldest daughter. Their second child, Pressley, was born two years later.
  • Not to mention, the happy family expanded in 2009 with the addition of another member. Layla gave birth to her third child, Monte Knox Kiffin, bringing their family total to five.

Divorce and Its Consequences

  • Looking back, the small Kiffin family appeared to be content and out of trouble. Lane was financially successful and supported his small family, while Layla, as a good wife, looked after her children and husband.
  • However, the eyes cannot see everything. As their celebrity grew, the family became a target of paparazzi and the media. Not to mention, various allegations and rumors about Lane began to circulate.
Layla Kiffin
Layla Kiffin with her children Source:
  • Previously, Lane, the father of three children, was rumored to be having an affair with an unknown high-profile Alabama woman. However, the rumors died down in the absence of proof.
  • However, the following time, star Lane did not fare as well. He was once again linked to Nick Saban’s daughter, Kristen Saban, and the two were rumored to be dating.

Divorce of Layla Kiffin

  • Nick was the head coach at the time, while Lane was the offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.
  • As with his previous allegations, this one lacked evidence, and it remains unclear whether or not it had anything to do with their divorce.
  • Layla filed for divorce shortly afterwards, citing irreconcilable differences. Then, in March 2016, both of them agreed to divorce while maintaining parental responsibility for their children.
  • Layla has stayed as far away from the media as possible since then. Additionally, she appears to be single and has not dated anyone.

Presence on Social Media

Regrettably, the celebrity is not very active on social media at the moment. 3k Followers on Twitter

 Quick Facts

Full Name Layla Kiffin
Birth Date January 3, 1974
Birth Place Florida, the United States of America
Known as the ex-wife of Lane Kiffin
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
University University of Florida
School Buchholz High School
Horoscope Capricorn
Father’s Name John Reaves
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Two Brothers
Age 46 years
Height 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight 62 kgs(137 lbs)
Build Slender
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Profession Media Personality
Active years Unknown
Marital Status Divorced
Husband Lane Monte Kiffin
Children Three Children
Net Worth $250k
Social Media Twitter
Last Update 2021


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