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A person must be diligent and dedicated in order to achieve success in any field, but especially in sports. A woman must overcome numerous obstacles in order to lead a successful professional life.

Lisa Bonder is one of those who overcome numerous obstacles to achieve success as a professional tennis player.

Bonder (born October 16, 1965) is a retired tennis player from the United States. She is also known as Lisa Bonder-Kreiss or Lisa Bonder-Kerkorian.

Throughout her career, she won four singles titles on the WTA circuit and peaked at No. 9 in August 1984.

Therefore, allow me to walk you through Lisa Bonder’s successful life. Additionally, we detail her career, personal life, salary, net worth, and social media presence.

Lisa Bonder – Earnings and Net Worth

Lisa bonder has earned a respectable sum of money as a tennis player, but her exact net worth has not been determined.

There is no information available publicly about how much money she earns from her game and endorsements.

However, we can speculate that she will earn $3 million in 2021. Apart from her net worth, she earns $212,395 in prize money from her tennis career.

Additionally, she was fortunate enough to receive alimony from her ex-husband. Following her ex-(Kirk husband’s Kerkorian’s) 2015 death, she received a total of $8.5 million for her and her daughter’s trust.

Now we are privy to her, her son, and her daughter’s opulent lifestyle in New York.

Lisa Bonder – Biographical Information on Her Parents and Family

Lisa Bonder, the tennis star, was born on October 16, 1965, in Saline, Michigan, to Seth Bonder and Julia Bonder. They divorced later in life, and she was raised in Saline.Seth Bender was an engineer from the United States who founded Vector Research, Inc.

Similarly, her father was born in the Bronx to Russian emigrant parents who worked in the garment district. Additionally, she has a brother named Eric Bonder.

In terms of nationality, she is an American and belongs to the white ethnic group. This 56-year-old tennis player began her professional career in 1981 as a WTA member.

Nonetheless, she is best known for her relationship rather than her tennis career.


Lisa bonder is the mother of two children: a daughter (Kira bonder) and a son (Kyle bonder) (Taylor Jennings Kreiss). Steve Bing is Kira Bonder’s father.

Tom Kreiss is Taylor Jennings Kreiss’s father (First husband ). Taylor Jennings (31 years old) is the senior, while Kira Bonder (21 years old) is the junior.

Education – Lisa Bonder

There is little information about retired tennis player Lisa Bonder because she is a very private person who dislikes sharing personal information.

There is no information on where she attended university, but we do know that Lisa was an honor student at Huron High School in Michigan before being transferred to New Braunfels High School in 1980. (Texas).

Transferring to New Braunfels High School allows her to receive coaching at John Newcombe’s camp.

Tennis Career of Lisa Bonder

Everyone has different goals and dreams and wants to be successful.

Lisa’s friend is an American tennis player who had a good career and was doing everything she could to keep it going. Four championships were won by her before she decided to hang up her skates.

When Bonder was on the WTA tour from 1981 to 1991, he played for the tour. For the first time in 1982, she won a title. Then in 1982–83, she won three more titles in Tokyo.

In 1983, she made it to the fourth round of the US Open and Wimbledon in 1984.

In 1984, she also played in the quarterfinals of the Roland Garros tournament. She beat former champions Virginia Ruzici, Corinne Vanier, Vicki Nelson, and Amy Holton, but lost to Camille Benjamin.

Her victories over Chris Evert, Mary Joe Fernandez, and Andrea Jaeger are seen as her most important victories in her career, and they put her in the company of the world’s best players.

A 139-126 win/loss record was the best she could do before leaving the game. Bonder reached a high point in his career by winning a lot of games.

Lisa Bonder – Career Highlights and Awards

Although Lisa Bonder has had a long and successful career, she has yet to receive any awards. Lisa earned her position in the top ten by excelling in all of her games.

Lisa Bonder – Height and Weight

As a sportswoman, she is not particularly outspoken about her personal life. She lacks social media presence, which results in a dearth of information about her.

Additionally, a person’s beauty does not define their character, career, or future prospects; rather, they should be beautiful in their heart’s inner core.

Apart from that, her height and weight were ideal, which never posed a problem for her career or the majority of her relationships.

Additionally, Lisa’s bonder is five feet ten inches (1.78 meters) tall, and based on her photo, she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Bonder is a stunning woman with starry eyes and a glowing aura. Blonder in the early 2000s.

This photograph was taken during her first set match against Martina Navratilova in the United States. Inaugurated in January 2002.

Lisa Bonder – Profile on Social Media

Lisa’s bonder appears to prefer to keep her private life private on any platform, which means that little about her life is public knowledge.

It appears as though she is not active on any social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Her lack of engagement on social media has irked some of her fans.

Rumors and Controversy Regarding Lisa Bonder

Lisa Bonder has appeared in a variety of games throughout her career, and she excels in each one.

Similarly, she established a reputation in her professional field, but rumors and controversy have always surrounded her. In 1999, she married billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who was 48 years her senior.

There was speculation that she married Kirk Kerkorian for financial gain. She expressed to Darrien Lacocca her desire to be the final Mrs. Kerkorian to receive all of his money.

Kerkorian’s friend Rempel quickly revealed that Bonder’s true motivation for marrying Kerkorian was to become the world’s wealthiest woman. Despite this, Bonder convinced Kerkorian to marry her.

The reason for her separation from Kirk

Lisa was pregnant; she claimed that Kirk was the father, but he was skeptical, suspecting that her ex-boyfriend Steve Bing was the biological father.

Kirk retained the services of a private investigator to ascertain the truth in that matter.

Kirk immediately hired a lawyer, who in turn hired Anthony Pellicano to tape the phone, and they used Steve Bing’s discarded waste for the DNA test.

Anthony Pellicano was convicted of various charges and sentenced to fifteen years in prison following that incident.

Kirk’s lawyer was sentenced to three years in prison for hiring Anthony Pellicano.

Steve Bing was identified as the biological father of that child following a DNA test.

Their marriage ended in divorce less than a month after they married. Kirk Kerkorian agreed to pay her $50,000 per month in child support and $1.2 million in additional remodeling costs.

Kirk Kerkorian died tragically on 15 July 2015 in Beverly Hills, California, just nine days after celebrating his 98th birthday.

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Disagreement over her daughter’s access to the Bing family trust

Kira Bonder is her daughter from her relationship with Steve Bing. Kira Bonder was born in the United States of America in 1999.

Kira’s access to Steve Bing’s trust was challenged in court, but Steve Bing’s parents maintained that she is not his illegitimate daughter because she was born out of wedlock and thus does not have access to his trust.

Kira became trapped in this way as a result of an inheritance dispute that was resolved in 2019. This incident occurred after her grandfather denied her access to the family trust (the $600 million Bing fortune), and her brother Damian was unable to use it.

Kira’s request to be the beneficiary of that contentious trust was denied, precipitating a lawsuit.

A Los Angeles judge, on the other hand, determined that Kira Bonder is a beneficiary of the Steve Bing trust.

Steve was estimated to be worth £380 million after inheriting his grandfather Leo’s fortune.

Untimely demise and the ensuing of Steve Bing :

Steve Bing died at the age of 55 on June 22, 2020. Following Steve’s death, Lisa Bonder and Liz Hurley banded together to support their children. This unfortunate incident occurred during his attempt at suicide.

Similarly, on Monday, he jumped from his Los Angeles apartment. He made such a desperate attempt as a result of his depression.

Steve Bing thus shared his daughter Kira, 21, with her stunning tennis player wife Lisa, and his son Damian, 18, with model and actress Liz.

And both ex-spouses have promised to do everything possible to benefit their children.

She recently stated that following her ex-unusual husband’s death, she spoke with Steve Bing’s other ex-wife about the well-being of Steve’s children.

Additionally, she stated that they discussed caring for and doing everything possible to protect Steve’s children. Steve Bing was a producer in Hollywood.

Steve Bing has another son with his ex, and his parents also deny him access to Steve’s fund. However, the court rules that he has access to Steve’s fund as well.

Name change

After marrying Tom Kreiss on 10 January 1988, she changed her surname to Bonder – Kreiss.

She divorced Tom Kreiss and married Kirk Kerkorian (Billionaire) in 1999, but the marriage ended in a month.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lisa Bonder

Was Lisa Bonder spied on?

Lisa Bonder’s troubled marriage to Kirk Kerkorian contributed to her being wiretapped.

Her former husband Kirk monitored her telephone and Internet conversations through private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

Additionally, Pellicano used Bonder’s ex-boyfriend, Steve Bing’s dental floss for the DNA test.

Lisa Bonder is related to Peter Bing in what way?

Steve Bing’s father is Peter Bing, a physician specializing in public health. Lisa Bonder dated Steve Bing during the late 1990s.

Together, they have a daughter, Kira Bing, making Peter Bing the grandfather of Lisa’s child.

Peter Bing asserted that Kira and her half-brother (Steve’s other child), Damian Hurley, were not entitled to the family trust because they were born out of wedlock.

He strictly restricted his illegitimate grandchildren’s access to his $600 million trust fund.

Additionally, Dr. Bing stated that he had never met either of Steve’s children because they were raised independently and had no ties to the Bing family.

Quick Facts about Lisa Bonder

Full name Lisa Bonder
Birth Date October 16, 1965
Age [calculate years datestring=”10/16/1965″] Years Old
Birth Place Columbus, Ohio, USA
Nick Name Lisa Lou
Religion Not available
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education New Braunfels high, Texas (1980)
Horoscope Libra
Father’s Name Seth bonder
Mother’s Name Julia bonder
Siblings Eric bonder
Age 55 years two months
Height 5’10” (1.78 meters)
Weight Not available
Shoe size Not available
Hair color blonde
Eye color blue
Body measurement Not available
Figure Not available
Married No
Boyfriend No
Children Kira Bonder, Taylor Jennings Kreiss
Profession Tennis player
Net worth  Estimated $3 million
Salary Not available (but her winning prize is $212395)
Currently works at Not available
Affiliations Not available
Active status Retired
Social media Not on any social media
Tennis Merch Shoes for WomenShirts for Women
Last Update 2021

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