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Luana Nastas is an actress, known for Vazante (2017) and Kissing Game (2020). She is kind of new in the film industry as she has only done a few movies as an actress, and both of them are fairly recent.

Luana is originally from Europe and she currently lives there too. We could not find any information about her because she is fairly new on the scene and she has not disclosed her personal information in the public too.

Let us know more about her through the facts below.

10 Facts on Luana Nastas

  1. Judging by Luana’s appearance, we can safely say that she is in her early 20s or her mid-20s.
  2. When looked at her pictures in comparison to others in the picture, we can assume that her height is more than 5 feet and 5 inches, but not less.
  3. Nastas does not have any page on her name on the Wikipedia website. She might get one very soon though.
  4. As said earlier, she has not disclosed any personal information for the public. She also has not revealed if she has a boyfriend, if yes, his name.
  5. Nastas has done about 2 movies as an actress. We can see her works as an actress in the imbd website. The URL is
  6. Her debut movie’s name was Vazante where she played the role of a character named Beatriz.
  7. Her latest work can be seen in the series named Kissing game. Here she plays the role of the character named Isabel Lima Alves also known as Bel.
  8. She only seems to be active in Instagram amo0ng other social media platforms.
  9. Nastas has more than six thousand followers in her Instagram account. All of the followers seem to be her fans.
  10. She is a rising star and her performance will surely take her to the heights of the film industry.

Facts of Luana Nastas

Name Luana Nastas
Age 20-25
Gender Female
Height 5’5
Nationality European
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Instagram @luananastas


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