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Baby Lyssa Rae Chapman is a fictional character created by Lyssa Rae Chapman. Lyssa is a well-known businesswoman as well as a bounty hunter. After appearing on her father Duane Chapman’s show Dog the Bounty Hunter, she made a name for herself in the film industry.

Lyssa’s personal and professional lives are also well-known by her fans. She had one child with Brahman Galanti, with whom she was married. Lyssa, on the other hand, did not agree with her ex, and the couple divorced after just two years of marriage. So, what went wrong in their relationship? To learn more, continue reading.

Lyssa Chapman’s net worth:

Lyssa Chapman was former Bounty Hutner and Bail Bondswoman on television. 

Her primary source of income is from her company, as she currently owns tanning salon where she earns $100,000 per year and an online clothing and accessory store where she must have good luck. 

Her net worth is expected to be around $500 million by 2020.

Teenage Lyssa Rae Chapman’s “Harrowing”

Baby Lyssa Chapman, the ninth child of Duane Chapman, did not have the traditional upbringing of a celebrity child. Instead, she had a tumultuous childhood that she can only characterize as “harrowing.” Lyssa’s crack addict father and alcoholic mother were unable to provide her with a decent upbringing.

Lyssa was just 14 years old when she became pregnant for the first time. Her daughter, Abbie Mae Chapman, was born the day after she turned 15 years old, according to her. Lyssa revealed Abbie’s father was a 24-year-old man in an interview during her second pregnancy, and he was later convicted on statutory rape charges.

Lyssa Rae Chapman with her daughter Abbie(SOURCE: E Celebrity Facts)
She was left alone after her child was born because her mother, Lyssa Rae Brittain, had relocated with her partner. Her $500 monthly rent was a struggle for her to afford.

She claimed she was too young for welfare or a homeless shelter in an interview with Fox News. She also said that she was unable to see her father because she had a strained relationship with him following her false accusation of her father rapping her when she was 11 years old.

Lyssa moved back in with her father after her father began a television show called Dog the Bounty Hunters in 2004, and the situation eventually improved for Lyssa.

What Led Lyssa To Divorce From Her Troubled Marriage To Bo Galanti?

The relationship between Lyssa Chapman and her husband, Brahman Galanti, is unknown to this day. On February 20, 2009, the reality star married Galanti in Oahu, Hawaii. For several months, the couple spent quality time together and gave birth to a daughter, Madalynn Grace Galanti.

Things began to fall apart so quickly less than two years after their union, and the couple began to have many issues and problems in their marital life. Lyssa filed for divorce in Hawaii in February 2011. According to Radar Online, Lyssa filed for divorce on February 1.


Lyssa Rae Chapman and ex-husband Brahman Galanti with her daughter(SOURCE: E Celebrity Facts)
Lyssa filed for divorce after her then-husband was abusive to her on several occasions, Beth Chapman told the outlet. Meanwhile, during 2010, Bo allegedly became violent with Lyssa, prompting Lyssa to flee to her father and Beth’s house in the middle of the night.

“If you ever hit my daughter again, you’ve got a major problem,” Dog allegedly told Bo after the incident.

The series, however, did not end there. Bo was still abusing Lyssa, and she kicked him out of their home in October 2010, but he returned.

Lyssa’s family advised her to report the incident to the police, but she refused to go to the press. However, in early 2011, Lyssa saw no other choice than to divorce Bo.


According to CBS News, she was arrested in Hawaii on March 15, 2011, for criminal property damage and assaulting police officer. 

She was inebriated and knocking on residents’ doors when she was apprehended at 3.30 a.m. She was bailed and released on Wednesday afternoon.

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