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Isn’t it fascinating to have the ability to be everything in life? He is the son of two well-known Hollywood celebrities, a film director, a film producer, a writer, a production assistant, and a former basketball player.

Mr. Malcolm Washington is the son of Denzel Washington, a multi-award-winning Hollywood actor, and Paulette Washington, an actress. What a fortunate individual he is, isn’t he?

Malcolm has been an athlete since he was a child. However, he later changed careers, resigning from basketball. In 2014, he began his career in the entertainment industry as a production assistant on the hit film “chef.”

Since then, he has continued to work in the film industry in a variety of roles.

Malcolm Washington Salary & Net Worth

Malcolm Washington, the son of two legendary Hollywood actors, lags far behind his parents in terms of income and net worth. As a result, Malcolm’s net worth is estimated to be close to $ 2 million.

It is made possible through writing, directing, and producing. Simultaneously, his father, Denzel Washington, owns nearly $220 million, a fortune in comparison to Malcolm’s earnings.

Therefore, let us hope that he prospers further in the future, earning and amassing great status in terms of name, fame, and net worth.

Malcolm Washington’s Childhood, Parents, Ethnic Background, and Education

He was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1991, alongside his twin sister Olivia. Malcolm attended a private school through high school during his early educational years.

Later, he enrolled in the University of Pennsylvania’s Bachelor of Filmmaking program to continue his studies. Then, in 2013, he earned a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking.

Malcolm was raised in the same household as his three siblings. John David, his brother, is an actor and a former football player.

Malcolm X (1992), The Book of Eli (2010), Coco (2016), and monster are just a few of his films (2017).

Family Malcolm Washigton

Malcolm Washington as a child with his family

Simultaneously, his sister Katia works as a production assistant for an editorial magazine.

She has worked on the films Django Unchained (2012), Fences (2016), and The Birth of a Nation as an associate producer and directorial assistant (2016).

Thus, her diligence earned her an Oscar.

In a similar vein, his twin sister Olivia is also a film industry professional. She appeared in films such as ‘The Butler’ (2013), ‘Mr. Robot’ (2015), and ‘The Comedian’ (2016). (2016). In summary, Olivia is establishing herself as a popular actress in the modern era.

Malcolm is of Afro-American ancestry and holds an American nationality.

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Parents of Malcolm Washington

Malcolm is a celebrity child, the son of Denzel and Paulette Washington. Denzel Washington is a multi-award-winning actor in Hollywood.

He also won seventeen NAACP Image Awards, three Golden Glove Awards, and one Tony Award.

Denzel was also nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the historical film Glory as Union Army soldier Private Trip (1989).

And Best Actor for his portrayal of corrupt detective Alonzo Harris in the crime thriller Training Day (2001).

Denzel was named the greatest actor of the twenty-first century by The New York Times in 2020.

Denzel is, in a nutshell, an actor who reimagined “classic film stardom” by associating with characters defined by grace, dignity, humanity, and inner strength.

Pauletta Washington, on the other hand, is a well-known actress best known for her roles in Philadelphia (1993), Antwone Fisher (2002), and Steps.

She gave birth to twins Malcolm and Olivia when she was 39 years old.

Malcolm has undoubtedly benefited from the support and cooperation of all family members due to his close relationship with them.

Age and Body Dimensions

Malcolm was born in Los Angeles on April 10, 1991, making him 30 years old. He is approximately 75 kilograms in weight and stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

Malcolm, on the other hand, is shorter than his father, Denzel Washington. Denzel stands tall at 1.85 meters.

Malcolm’s horoscope, according to his birth chart, is Aries.

According to his horoscope, “Aries is a passionate, motivated, and self-assured leader who fosters community through their cheerful disposition and unflinching determination.”

Similarly, his horoscope indicates that he has a similar nature and character.

Basketball career of Malcolm Washington

Malcolm is a multi-talented individual who has achieved success in a previous career. He was a standout basketball player during his athletic career.

Additionally, he competed, representing his college in various leagues and competitions.

Malcolm Washington made his college debut in 2009 as a collegian at Yale. He took the place of Rosen, who was benched due to a team rule violation.

He earned his first collegiate point against Villanova (11/16). Then he added three points and two assists against Delaware (11/21) and Davidson (12/28) respectively.

As a result, he competed with zeal against Delaware, Davidson, and Saint Joseph(1/25).

Later in high school, he lettered in basketball for four years. Along with his teammates, he contributed significantly to his college’s title victory.

Malcolm lined up alongside current UCLA and Michigan players Anthony Stover and Darius Morris as a point guard.

Malcolm’s contribution, along with that of his teammates, helped his school win the CIF Division V state championship in his senior year as a senior captain (29-6 record). That is to say, he established himself as the best at what he does.

Malcolm Washington’s Career in Film

A new beginning, a new mindset, and a new focus, but with unwavering family support, the journey begins in a filmmaking career following graduation in 2013.

Following in his parent’s footsteps into the film industry, he was only a few steps away from embracing great success.

He made his film debut in 2014 as a production assistant on Jon Favreau’s adventure comedy ‘Chef.’ He tasted success when the film became a box office smash.

Similarly, in 2016, he assisted director Jackson Young on the short film ‘Trouble Man.’ The response to ‘Trouble Man’ was outstanding, and the film received high marks from critics.

Malcolm began his career in the film industry in 2017 as a director, producer, assistant director, and writer.

He worked as an assistant to Spike Lee on the television series ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ for eight episodes.

The audience adored and embraced his work. In 2017, Malcolm also produced the comedy-drama’summer of 17′.

He achieved enormous success with his self-written and directed short drama “Benny Got Shot.”

As a result, his film was selected for screening at the ‘Palm Screen Short Films’ and ‘Los Angeles Short Film Showcase.’ He was also honored with the Atlanta Film Festival’s “Filmmaker to Watch Award” that year.

Promotional material for “BENNY GOT SHOT” (2016)

In 2018, Young Washington directed the television series I, Too, and Dream America.

In conclusion, after analyzing Malcolm’s work in the film industry, he is confident that he possesses the necessary artistic ability and talent to succeed in the film industry.

Malcolm Is Dating Whom?

Malcolm is one of those celebrity children who withhold all information from the media and the general public. He either shares intimate details about his personal life with his family or chooses to keep them to himself.

Malcolm abstains from any affair or romantic involvement with females. Malcolm, on the other hand, is never involved in gossip about any ladies.

Meanwhile, some sources claim that he is secretly dating someone, but this has not been confirmed. Thus, Malcolm is either dating or not; only he knows.

However, we do know that he is an expert at maintaining privacy in his personal life.


Malcolm steers clear of pointless debates and controversies. However, it is quite normal for a celebrity child to become embroiled in controversy.

Malcolm has successfully avoided stories that generate controversy up to the present day.

He is disciplined and intelligent, with a positive attitude toward personal space. Above all, he resolves all family circle issues due to his close relationship with his family members.

To be clear, Malcolm is concerned with maintaining his privacy and has a very reserved attitude toward disclosing any public information.

Malcolm Washington’s Presence on Social Media

It’s odd to learn that a child of a famous Hollywood celebrity is barely active on social media. Meanwhile, as a celebrity child or rising film star, many use social media to promote themselves, share statistics, and so forth.

In comparison to those celebrities, Malcolm does not maintain an active social media presence on any platform, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did he decide to retire from basketball?

Malcolm is on track to have a delectable basketball career. After graduation, he followed in his parents’ footsteps.

He developed an interest in acting, directing, and filmmaking as a result of his upbringing among Hollywood’s veteran actors and theatre personalities.

As a result of his interest in the film industry, he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2013 with a degree in film studies.

In conclusion, he abandoned his basketball career after graduation, deciding that his true passion lay in film.

Malcolm Washington: Quick Facts

Full Name Malcolm Washington
Birth Date 1991, April 10
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Sexuality Straight
Ethnicity African
Education Bachelor Degree in Film Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Denzel Washington
Mother’s Name Pauletta Washington
Siblings Olivia Washington(Sister), Katia Washington(sister), John Dave Washington(Brother)
Age [calculate years datestring=”04/10/1991″] Years Old
Height 5’9”
Weight 75 Kgs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Married Unmarried
Girlfriend No
Profession Former Basketball Player, Film Maker, Director, Film Writer
Net Worth $2 million
Salary Under Review
Career History Former Athlete (Basketball), Film Maker, Director, Writer, Production Assistant
Accomplishment “Film Maker to Watch”- Atlanta Film Festival
Last Update 2021


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