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Michael McCary has had some serious ups and downs in his life, including an MS diagnosis and depression, a divorce with his wife and being unable to see his own three children for more than seven years, and his departure from Boyz Men II, one of the most successful R&B and Acapella groups in history. But, where has McCary gone these days?

What is the Net Worth of Michael McCary?

Following his retirement from singing, Michael McCary pursued a career in acting, appearing in films such as The Mannsfield 12 starring Tony Todd, who has a net worth of $10 million. The father of three has also appeared in films such as American Idol, Hoodlum, and Todd’s Pop Song Reviews, as well as on television shows such as Identity and Jury Duty.

Michael McCary has an estimated net worth of $20 million.(SOURCE: Instagram (realmikemccary)

McCary’s rise to stardom as a member of Boyz II Men brought him not only fame but also a sizable sum of money. McCary went on to tour with the Acapella ensemble, work with Grammy Award winner Mariah Carey, and break multiple records during his time there.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael McCary’s net worth is believed to be $20 million, the Morris brothers’ net worth is $60 million, and Stockman’s net worth is also $60 million. In the meantime, McCary works as a co-host on the Soul Elixir Discussion Show, which is one of his current sources of income, in addition to participating on talk shows.

Michael McCary’s Personal Life; Rises & Falls

Boyz Men II is a moniker that all true 80s and 90s youth will remember. New fans definitely recall the musical band too. The sole exception is that a few people are unable to acknowledge Michael McCary. Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, Shawn Stockman, and Marc Nelson are the current members of the band.

Though he is no longer in the public eye, McCary rose to prominence as a member of the Boyz II Men from 1985 to 2004, when he was one of the group’s most important members.

What caused McCary’s to leave Boyz II Men?

Unfortunately, the Philadelphia native departed the band in 2004 after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a dangerous ailment that could have left him crippled if he hadn’t kept his health in check. When he was just twenty-two years old, the singer began to experience symptoms.

Michael McCary alongside Boyz II Men’s group co-members.(SOURCE: Huff Post)

On the other hand, McCary kept his illness a secret from his comrades until he departed the band the following year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t him who wanted to leave; rather, it was his group mates that forced him to leave.

Michael only revealed it to the public in 2016 while appearing on Iyanla Vanzant’s reality show, Iyanla: Fix My Life, where he spilled everything. McCary’s health deteriorated after he left the group, as he confessed that he suffered from depression as a result of his group members’ hurt and rejection.

Fortunately, it was his children who assisted him in overcoming his mental and physical health issues. But, as one problem was resolved, a new one arose. And it happened at home this time.

McCary’s Divorce, which kept him from seeing his kids for over seven years

In one of Iyanla’s episodes, McCary discloses that his situation at home had deteriorated to the point where he felt compelled to choke his now-former wife. McCary just recognized it was better if he left his family after that.

The singer and his former wife, also known as Mike Bass, divorced in late 2009 after fourteen years of marriage. McCary claims he didn’t see his children, who are now 20, 19, and 16, for seven years until 2016. Even after the divorce, Michael maintained touch with his children. However, it came to an end swiftly once his then-wife learned about it and shut off all phone and communication lines.

Michael McCary: Some Quick Facts

  • Robert McCary Sr. and Omarnetta Thomas were the parents of McCary.
  • McCary has a brother named Robert.
  • Michael’s half-brother, Will Downing, is a singer.
  • He established The Michael McCary Foundation to raise MS awareness.
  • Mike Bass has brown eyes that he flaunts.

Facts of Michael McCary

Date of Birth :
Age : 49 years old
Family Name : McCary
Birth Country : United States
Birth Sign : Sagittarius
Height : 6 Feet 1 Inch

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