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Rhett McLaughlin, the bearded entertainer, is known for his fashionable dress sense, comic timings, and unique acting. He is the other half of the internet comedy duo (Rhett and Link). He also uses his beard and hair, which he dyes in various colors, to create a striking message. In addition, there is a distinct stylistic statement.

Rhett McLaughlin, along with his comedian partner Charles “Link” Neal III, are also well-known YouTube stars and social media personalities who post funny video clips on their YouTube channel, “Rhett & Link.” If you want to learn more about Rhett McLaughlin’s married life, earnings, and properties, click here.

 Net worth

Rhett James McLaughlin in a selfie (Rhett James McLaughlin / Instagram)

Rhett James McLaughlin has  an estimated net worth of $8 million, which he has accumulated from the views and subscriptions from the internet channels he and his pal run. The amount of money he earns on a yearly basis is still unknown. However, he is said to have purchased many car models, including an Oldsmobile Omega, an unidentified Scion xB, and a blue Dodge Dynasty.

Rhett McLaughlin and his long-time companion Link bought a 1992 Ford Bronco to use as a corporate vehicle and for camping. Their pool car is a Ford Fusion that also serves as a work vehicle. Rhett is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

In addition, he has a YouTube channel. Rhett has a million Instagram followers, 613k Twitter followers, and 14 million YouTube subscribers. In addition, Rhett is 6 feet 7 inches tall. To balance his high height, he weights a total of 80 kg (176 lbs). According to reports, the entertainer grew so quickly throughout his formative years that by the time he was in sixth grade, he was already 6 feet tall. A closer examination of his eyes reveals that he has green eyes, but his naturally dirty blond hair has been dyed multiple times in colors such as apricot, yellow, and grey. Rhett McLaughlin is decked out in a beard. As a result, he resembles Rick Grimes from the film The Walking Dead. And he claims he is willing to give up $1,000 every month only to keep his beard. This conceals a mole on his top lip.

Bio of Rhett James McLaughlin

Rhett Mclaughlin is an American YouTube celebrity and social media personality who is well-known for his comedic videos on his own YouTube channel, “Rhett & Link.” On October 11th, 1977, the famous comedian was born in Macon, Georgia. He is also an American national with a North American ethnicity. James  was also born to American parents. He grew up in the same house he was born in. However, he then moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue a profession in video production. He was born under the sign of Libra and was nurtured by his parents. His father’s name is Jim McLaughlin, and his mother’s name is Diane McLaughlin. Cole McLaughlin is his brother’s name. Rhett also studied civil engineering at North Carolina State University and worked for Black & Veatch after graduation, but was fired from the job despite his plans to leave to create his entertainment business with his best friend.

Professional Life

Rhett James Captions His Post Being a Thoughtful Guy Image Source: @rhettmc
Rhett James Captions His Post Being a Thoughtful Guy Image Source: @rhettmc

On June 5, 2006, Rhett Mclaughlin and his friend Charles Lincoln Neal launched a YouTube channel called “Rhett & Link,” which became his first notable step into the realm of social networking. They are Internetainers, he mentions. Rhett and his pal then started uploading amusing music videos, sketches, and crazy local advertising to their YouTube account.

Because a big number of people liked their videos, their original channel, “Rhett & Link,” has over 4.3 million subscribers. They’ve also created two more channels: “Good Mythical Morning” and “Good Mythical More.” Also, “This is Mythical,” which has over 12 million, 2.9 million, and 485000 subscribers, respectively. The cast members of “Rhett & Link” did not stop there; they went on to start new channels that have proven as famous as their first, winning numerous prestigious prizes and nominations over the years. Their various award-winning channels have a combined subscription of over 20 million subscribers and a staggering total view of over four billion. Their success can be attributed to viral low-budget local advertising as well as comedic tunes. Which never fails to put a smile on their admirers’ faces. The friends who like to refer to themselves as INTERNETAINERS have appeared on a number of television talk shows as well as on the radio.

Wife, Jessie Lane (m. 2001-present)

When it comes to Rhett McLaughlin’s personal life, he has only been married once, to Jessie Lane in 2001. In addition, they have two sons, Shepherd and Locke, from their marriage. The couple expanded their household by adopting a Maltipoo puppy named Lola. Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center and Rescue in Studio City, CA, provided the adorable puppy. Furthermore, at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, Rhett’s wife might be regarded as a petite woman. In addition, she is 4 inches shorter than her husband. Jesse is a calm person who values her privacy and, as a result, prefers a serene setting. She has also avoided using her husband’s social media accounts. Unlike other celebrities, Rhett Mclaughlin’s love life and work life are both kept private.

Quick Facts of Rhett James McLaughlin

  • Full Name: Rhett James McLaughlin
  • Net Worth :$8 Million
  • Date of Birth :1977 /10 /11
  • Nickname :Rhett
  • Marital Status :Married
  • Birthplace :Macon, Georgia, U.S.
  • Ethnicity :North American
  • Religion :Christianity
  • Profession :YouTuber, actor
  • Nationality :American
  • Active Year :2006-Present
  • Eye colour :Greenish Blue
  • Hair colour :Light Brown
  • Build :Mesomorph
  • Spouse :Jessie Lane (m. 2001)
  • Height :6 feet 7 inches (2.01m)
  • Weight :80 Kg
  • Education: North Carolina State University
  • Online Presence :Twitter, Instagram
  • Horoscope: Libra


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