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The advantage of marrying a celebrity is that you become one yourself. After marrying Marcus Lemonis, one of the most well-known bankers, Roberta Bobbi Raffel came to notoriety.

What is the net worth of Roberta Raffel?

Roberta Raffle has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Before meeting her husband, Roberta had amassed considerable wealth through her business. Her wealth, on the other hand, has grown even more since she married Marcus, and it now totals millions of dollars. Her husband is a billionaire with a net worth of $900 million.

Roberta Raffel’s Married Life

Marcus Lemonis married Roberta Raffel in February 2018. (Source: [email protected])

Roberta and Marcus married in 2018 after a year of dating. The couple’s marriage attracted a lot of media attention at the time due to their age difference. Roberta is over a decade older than her spouse. She apparently went to him to sell her business, but they instead fell in love. He later bought the company, but she continues to run it for him. Their wedding was supposed to take place in Montecito, California, but it was postponed due to a mudslide and fire outbreak in the area. They moved to Los Angeles’ Hotel Bel-Air, where they were formally united. Nothing is known about her past due to her desire for privacy, however there are photographs of her with her adult daughter and son on the internet, indicating that she was formerly married. Marcus was briefly married to Ila Penfold before divorcing her in 2017.

Roberta Raffle’s Professional Background

  • Despite her employment in the fashion industry, Roberta prefers to keep her personal life private.
  • Her company has always been in the fashion industry, and she previously worked as a sales manager in charge of the logistics department. According to popular opinion, her business is very important to her.
  • She first met her husband at a business forum, which brought together investors and entrepreneurs to interact.
  • After that, Marcus went on to buy her firm, and the two got closer, finally falling in love.
  • Today, Roberta is still an integral element of Marcus’ company.
  • She is the CEO of ML Fashion Group, which her husband, Marcus Lemonis, purchased and renamed ML Fashion Group. In all of his endeavors, she has a vested interest. ML Fashion represents a number of fashion brands and works directly with Marcus retail locations.

Quick Facts about Roberta Raffel

Full Name: Roberta Raffel
Age: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Horoscope: N/A
Husband: Marcus Lemonis.
Net Worth: N/A
Profession: N/A
Sibling: N/A
Father: N/A
Mother: N/A


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