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Rosemary Sawtell is well known for appearing on the reality show in 2020. The reality show where she is seen is one of the most loved shows by fans and that is The Bachelor. She is one of the youngest contestants of the show who is from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

She is seen on season 8 of the show and the first episode of the show will air on the 12th of August 2020. On the red carpet of the show, she was seen wearing a penguin suit which caught the attention of many people. Talking about her profession and her job she is a Retail manager.

After she appeared on the show wearing a penguin suit she got a lot of attention. She is a very glamorous person which can be seen via her Instagram account. She seems to be quite tall from her appearance but exact details of her height are not known. some of her info is available online but she does not have her details on Wikipedia.

10 Facts About Rosemary Sawtell:

  1. Rosemary Sawtell has bene currently appearing in the popular reality television series named The Bachelor Season 8.
  2. As per her Instagram profile, she is currently 24 years of age.
  3. However, we remain unknown about her height, weight, and other various body measurements.
  4. Although there is no wiki site available under her name, her information can be found on The Bachelor’s Wikipedia page.
  5. Talking about her main job, she is actually a Retail Manager but now since she appears in a reality television series, she is also called a reality television star.
  6. is her official Instagram profile where she has around 1784 followers.
  7. Rosemary has been currently appearing as a contestant and she became popular mainly because of her penguin suit.
  8. When a question was asked to Locky Gilbert about her penguin suit, he commented that he was really impressed and believed that Rosemary is a very courageous girl.
  9. She was born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia which is why her nationality is taken as Australian.
  10. Her penguin suit has a story and we came to know that she loves penguins.

Facts of Rosemary Sawtell

Name Rosemary Sawtell
Age 24 years old
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity White
Profession Reality Television Star, Retail Manager
Married/Single Single


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