Sharon Zundel Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Nationality, Relationship


In the growing world where each and every sector is growing entertainment industry is also one of them. In the growing entertainment industry, there are many people who are working very hard to be popular faces of the industry and among them, Sharon Zundel is also one of them.

Sharon Zundel is an actress who is very hardworking and is well known for her works. She started her career in the early 2000s and is still working with the same passion to date, From the early 2000s, she has been part of many ventures and showed her acting skills by portraying many challenging roles.

Her details which are available on IMDb provided much info about her career. Well known works of her for which she is loved are Rabbit on the Moon, Señorita Pólvora, Las Aparicio, Hysteria, and many more.

10 Facts About Sharon Zundel:

  1. Sharon Zundel’s information has not yet been available on Wikipedia.
  2. From her looks, she seems to be in her late twenties but we do not know about her exact age.
  3. Currently, we are unknown about her height as well as weight.
  4. We have not got any information relating to her relationship status as well as her boyfriend.
  5. Also, she has not shared anything related to her family life.
  6. We are unable to fetch her Instagram profile and we are also not sure if she has one. Even is she holds an account on Instagram, it must be private.
  7. Sharon has been well described as a Mexican whose ethnicity is white.
  8. She has been called as a professional actress who has appeared in popular television series and movies like Las Aparicio, One Long Night, La mala luz, etc.
  9. There is not much to know about her education too.
  10. Sharon has an approximate net worth of nearly $700 thousand.

Facts of Sharon Zundel

Name Sharon Zundel
Age Late 20s
Gender Female
Nationality Mexican
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Net Worth $700 thousand


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