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Jan Vertonghen’s wife is Sophie De Vries. She works professionally in a children’s theatrical workshop. That is why she switches back and forth between London and Amsterdam. Sophie is Bijlmer’s native daughter. Jan’s full name is Jan Bert Lieve Vertonghen, and he is a Belgian footballer who now plays for Benfica and the Belgium national team. Ria Mattheeuws and Paul Vertonghen are his parents. He is of Belgian descent and of white race. Currently, he is based in London.

What is Net worth of Sophie de Vries ?

We can rely on her spouse’s salary because Sophie’s financial information aren’t provided. As of 2021, Jan’s estimated net worth is 22 million euros.

Net worth 22 million euro
Income source Belgian footballer

Sophie dated Jan before taking Vows

Sophie de Vries with her husband Jan Vertonghen and child. (Source: Instagram)

Sophie had dated Jan, the player, for a while. They had been childhood sweethearts for a long time. The two met in VMBO a long time ago. Sophie and Jan were students at VMBO in Amsterdam Zuidoost. Jan had been training in the Ajax Football Youth Academy since he was a teenager at the time. Sophie entered the college of the arts after finishing high school.

She married Jan in 2014

Sophie de Vries with her husband Jan Vertonghen and children. Source: Instagram
Sophie de Vries with her husband Jan Vertonghen and children(. Source: Instagram)

Sophie and Jan had been dating for a while before marrying in 2014. So they’ve been together for seven years. She gave birth to their first daughter, Leyla, after a year of marriage. Their son was born two years later. Despite his hectic schedule, Jan finds time for his family in his spare time. The couple can be seen relaxing on the beach, hanging out with friends, or going on a romantic evening date. Hawaii is, after all, the couple’s favorite vacation spot.

Sophie and her partner Jan stole the show at Stormzy gig

The amorous duo headed out to see Stormzy’s performance. Jan has stated that he adores the British singer. On YouTube, he was the first person to follow him. He said that he and his wife were at Stormzy’s gig to celebrate her birthday. Sophie and Jan were standing on a balcony on the second floor. He tried to maintain a low profile, but one of his fans snapped him in the midst of the throng. Oh, Jan Vertonghen there, said his fan, pointing in his way. The crowd then went berserk and began chanting his name. Finally, he stated that the show was fantastic and full of excitement.

She was attacked by the robbers while her husband was away

On the night of March 10th, some of the robbers did break into their home in London. Her husband was away on Champions League duty at the time. Only Sophie and her two children were present inside the house. There were a total of four crooks. Balaclavas were on their heads. They were armed with machetes and knives. No one was hurt, however Sophie noted that the majority of her belongings were missing.

Jan Vertonghen comes from a middle-class family

Jan is a well-known name all around the world. He does, however, come from a middle-class family. He is their parents’ firstborn child, followed by two younger brothers. His two brothers followed in his footsteps since he was dedicated from the start. His brothers, on the other hand, were unable to achieve the same level of fame and recognition as he did. Jan’s football collections had been cataloged by his mother Ria. His investment in the football trip, on the other hand, will never be regretted.

Facts of Sophie De Vries

Full Name Sophie De Vries
First Name Sophie
Middle Name De
Last Name Vries
Profession Celebrity Wife
Birth City Bijlmer
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jan Vertonghen
No Of Children 2
Married Date 2014


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