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Tara Harris is a 21-year-old TikTok actress who recently made it to the news headlines when she helped collect $1000 for a homeless family. One of her videos just went viral, offering $1000 to a homeless woman she raised with the support of her fans.

She’s an experienced cheerleader and singer. Her birthday is 12/6/99.

She was seen saying that she had earned $1,000 every hour of television. She’s a really popular TikTok celebrity with millions of fans and millions of likes on her TikTok site.

Tara was also told that she had seen Jolivette Gonzalez, 42 years old, for a year, and also described her as a really nice lady.

When she handed the capital, the 42-year-old was quite pleased. Her fans and friends were also seen thanking her for the job she did. While she is a famous actress, several details about her are still unknown.

What is the Net Worth of Tara Harris?

Tara, with the aid of her TikTok, earned a $1000 asset and rescued a vagrant. You will locate her on TikTok @taraswrld. It reportedly has a record of 2.1 million adherents.

Facts of Tara Harris:

1. Tara is a well-known TikTok actress who has recently come to the forefront for the positive work she has performed.
2. The young and emerging star is 21 years old, but she has not yet revealed the exact day of her birthday with her followers.
3. A lot of people want to hear more about her when she went viral to collect awareness for the poor.
4. Her personal knowledge, such as her height, weight, specifics of her parents, relatives, etc., has yet to be disclosed.
5. She’s considered to be working at “Pizzico Restaurante.”
6. Since she’s a really popular face people tend to link to her on a number of social networking sites.
7. But aside from being active on TikTok, it’s not on any other sites including Instagram, Facebook, etc.
8. The homeless lady she supported was Jolivette Gonzalez, 42 years old.
9. Her TikTok account is named @taraswrld.
10. With over 2.1 million fans and over 89 million views on her TikTok, she encourages a number of people every day.
11. She recently relocated to LA to follow her career as an influencer.
12. She got dm’s on Instagram from tenie Damelio and Tana Mongeau. Miley Cyrus recently posted on a thread where Tara offered to get a Hannah Montana tattoo if Miley had replied. Tara is trying to have a tattoo. Fun fact about Tara, she worked as a Gerber Baby model when she was under 2 years old and appeared in national baby mags.

Facts of Tara Harris

Name Tara Harris
Birthday 6/12/99
Age 21 years old
Gender Female
Height 5′-5’5″
Profession TikTok Star
Tiktok @taraswrld


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