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Victoria Anne Simmons is noted as the late child of celebrity couple Joseph Simmons and Justine Simmons.

 Salary, Net Worth, and Popularity

Victoria Anne Simmons’ parents have amassed a sizable fortune through their various efforts, with Joseph being a well-known producer and rapper with a phenomenal net worth of $70 million.

Similarly, Justine Simmons, Victoria Anne Simmons’ mother, is said to have a net worth of $10 million. The parents tried everything they could to save their baby Victoria while she was suffering from birth problems, and they did not leave any stone unturned in their efforts. Her demise came as a shock to everyone who watched Runs House. Sadly, her death was covered by major media publications, and she will undoubtedly be remembered by her family and the rest of the globe in the future.

Brief Synopsis

Victoria Anne Simmons was the fourth child of famed celebrity couple Joseph and Justine, and she was noted for dying at birth at the age of a day owing to a birth condition known as omphalocele. The baby is of mixed heritage, and her natal nationality is American.


Anne Simmons was born on September 26, 2006, and she was born in 2006. She was born early and only weighed four pounds. She was born by caesarean section. Four pounds and five ounces is how much she weighed when she was born. Most babies are between 5.5 and 7.5 pounds.

The child was born with an omphalocele, which is a birth defect. In this case, the baby’s organs began to grow outside of her body, and she died the same day she was born.


Simmons’s brief life was entirely covered on the show Run’s House. The reality show, which chronicled Rev Run and his family’s lives, premiered in 2005 and lasted several years until 2009.  Anne ‘ entire pregnancy and birth were featured on the episode. Victoria was born through C-section, and her family documented the entire process, as well as her death, on the reality television show.

Personal Existence

Victoria Anne Simmons has three brothers, Diggy Simmons, Russell Simmons II, and Jojo Simmons, as well as two sisters, Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Her biological brothers are Daniel and Russy, and her biological sister is Victoria.

Vanessa, Angela, and Joseph are half-siblings and half-brothers. She died on the day she was born, but she will be remembered as a member of the family in the future. Shortly after her death, the family adopted a one-month-old girl, Miley Justine Simmons.

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Facts of Victoria Anne Simmons

 Date of Birth: 2006 , September-26
 Age: 14 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
Name Victoria Anne Simmons
Birth Name Victoria Anne Simmons
Nick Name Victoria
Father Joseph Simmons
Mother Justine Simmons
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mix
Famous for child of Joseph and Justine

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