Westlyn Reign Brolin Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Nationality, Relationship


Westlyn Reign Brolin is a celebrity kid. She is the daughter of two famous personalities.

The girl is the youngest and only child of Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd. Both of them are prominent actors in the entertainment industry.

10 Facts on Westlyn Reign Brolin: Josh Brolin’s Daughter

  1. Westlyn Reign Brolin is a celebrity child. She is the first and only child of Josh Brolin from Kathryn Boyd.
  2. The girl does not have her self Wiki page. However, her name is found on her father’s Wikipedia. Also, certain details on her are available on the net.
  3. Brolin was born on November 4, 2018. So, she is only 1 year old. Moreover, she was born under the sun sign of Scorpio.
  4. Reign’s birthplace is in the USA. Thus, she is obviously of American nationality. Likewise, she hails from white ethnicity and is Christian.
  5. Westlyn is very cute. She has charming eyes and an alluring personality. No wonder she got all the charms from her parents. The girl will definitely grow into a lovely woman.
  6. Brolin is single because she is a toddler. She is only a year old and does not have a boyfriend. But she will surely find the man of her dreams in the future.
  7. Reign has lovely parents. Josh Brolin, her father is a popular American actor.  Kathryn Boyd, her mother is also an actress and a former assistant of Josh. The family os three lives happily.
  8. In terms of siblings, Westlyn is blessed. She has a step-brother and step-sister. Trevor and Eden are her elder half-siblings. They are also famous actors in the industry.
  9. Brolin lives a luxurious life with her parents. She does not yet go to school. As of now, she does not have a job and does not earn as well. But it is sure that the girl will gain fame in the future.
  10. Westlyn does not have her own social media account. However, her photos are posted by her mother and father in their Instagram accounts.

Facts of Westlyn Reign Brolin

Name Westlyn Reign Brolin
Birthday November 4, 2018
Age 1 year old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd
Siblings Trevor and Eden Brolin
Married/Single Single


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